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Memorandum (Ashe County, NC Public Library)

Copy taken from a book titled, “The Cornett’s, Our Great Family” Introduction Page

Cornett Information From Ashe Co.,North Carolina Public Library (page 6)

Cornett Information from Ashe County, North Carolina Public Library (page 11)

Cornett Information from Ashe Co., Pub Lib, NC (pg. 12)

These documents were copied by the Ashe County, North Carolina Public Library.  I received these pages in an email from a fellow researcher who I am currently working with, among others and out of respect for her privacy, her name is not mentioned here.  Interspersed on these pages is information regarding James Cornett(Cornutt) and Sarah Basham, who were the parents of both David and James Cornett Jr.

David’s Will is among those documents mentioned and includes information about Margaret Mary (Molly) Vaughan.  The person who compiled all of this information was Leta Kay Glenn Cornett. Whether it was a document or book, I’m not entirely sure. The document/book is entitled, “THE CORNETT’S, OUR GREAT FAMILY“. I can imagine that this “book” is no longer in print as I haven’t been able to locate a copy as yet. I would love to read it in its’ entirety as I only have selected pages and they are random at best!

There is also a copy of a document from the DAR stating that James Cornett(Cornutt) was married to Molly Vaughan.  The MEMORANDUM, dated January 1967, beginning with John Cornett of Henrico County, Virginia. Information regarding David, listing his military record and that he and James both received grants in Montgomery Co., from Governor Henry Lee and James P. Preston, and also including a listing of his children.

So what have you been researching this week?

English: Erythrina crista-galli (flowers). Loc...

English: Erythrina crista-galli (flowers). Location: Oahu, Ala Moana Beach Park and Magic Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed weekend! I spent my Saturday, cooking and creating in my kitchen and my Sunday was spent at Ala Moana Beach Park near Magic Island. I went to a baby shower for a dear friend and it was a smashing success! Plenty of games, good food, playing and watching the keiki’s have fun in the sun. There’s nothing better than getting together with your family and friends and welcoming another new life into this crazy world. The sun  was hot yesterday and it was really refreshing to enjoy the cool,  salty water with everyone. It was an unconventional baby shower where men were included in this awesome celebration. It was all great fun 🙂

Speaking of family, who were they really? My quest is to learn more about who my Cornett family really is. It’s more than the genealogy aspect, it’s about the history of my family and getting to know them on a more personal level even though they are long gone. Sometimes I think I should have been born in this era, back in the 1800’s. What life must have been like for them. The trials and tribulations they must have endured in order to survive. Once you start your own family history research, you find that you need to dig just a little deeper because you just haven’t found that clue yet. It may be in the next shovel of dirt you are digging with. You bend over and scoop up a handful of rich soil, while it slowly sifts through your fingers. Looking, searching, and hoping that the next clue will one day be right there in your hands.

What kind of people do you come from? Were they from another country other than the U.S.? Why did they choose Grayson County, Virginia or even Kentucky in which they decided to settle? What were their thoughts regarding the land they would be living on? Was it fertile land, great for farming and cattle? What did they hunt for food? Deer? Did they come across Native Americans? What did they eat back then? So many questions and I will probably never know all of it, but the thrill of the hunt keeps me going!

When my family settled in Grayson, Virginia and also in Kentucky, why did these particular areas appeal to them so much over other areas? I can only imagine that this land in which they decided to live and start a family on, was rough and rugged. Can you imagine having to clear land and trees in order to build your home? Today we have heavy machinery to do this for us, so you can guess how much hard work, tears and sweat they must have poured into their lives, their land and their homesteads. I guess the good thing about that, is the ability to use the lumber in which they had to clear,  using the wood as a log home or cabin.

Where did the Cornett family originate from? From some web sites I have read, it mentions that the Cornett surname was Norse or of French origin. Does anyone really know? The Cornett family married into one family with the last name of Sutherland, where some of the Sutherland’s back in the mid 1700’s originated from Scotland. But what about the Cornett’s? Where do the really come from?

There are so many things to discover in your family tree. The who, what, when, and where of your history will only add depth to your knowledge of your ancestors that came before you.

What will you discover?

Happy Ancestor Hunting!! 🙂

Family of George Wesley Cornett and Celia Ann Pool(e)
Photo Courtesy of: Dan R. Roberts (Originally Submitted May 29, 2011) Family Tree
Bottom of Photo: Courtesy of Louise Mays
(Date Actual Photo Was Taken is Currently Unknown)

George Wesley Cornett and Celia Ann Pool(e) were my GG- Grandparents.


Billy Edward Cornett
(March 15,1944 – April 28, 2001)
Image Credit: (Daniel Cole) taken on: July 23, 2012
Grave Location: Bel Air Memorial Gardens (Sunrise Section 26D-3)
Harford County, Maryland

The grave marker image above was photographed by a volunteer of My father’s grave marker above looks rather lonely and forgotten. No flowers or vase on display that shows he is forever thought of. The grass is starting to overcrowd his grave around the edges and there are no flowers to say, “You may be gone, but never forgotten.” That is the sorrow of being buried in a cemetery I guess. Even though his spirit is in Heaven, it would bring me more peace if I knew that he wasn’t left here all alone in a cemetery grave yard, where the dry, crispy leaves sweep across his grave site.  It makes me not want to be buried at all, knowing that one day, I will eventually be forgotten and left behind as others just walk past me with no kind words or thoughts of my life. I would be just a memory. Remembered only at the time of my funeral and maybe a few short months that may pass by, isn’t enough for me.

His grave marker is rather simple, with just his name, birth,and death years engraved on it. One day, I hope to visit his grave myself, in person and just be close to him. If only, just to talk to him and let him know that he is not forgotten by me or my sister, Amy. We think of him every day and will never forget his memory as long as we live.

Rest In Peace Daddy 🙂


information hydrant

information hydrant (Photo credit: Will Lion)

Sorting through documents, scanning, saving them to my hard drive on my laptop, and importing them into Family Tree Maker 2012 has helped me keep track of what I have and don’t have. Also, I have created a back up disc just in case my laptop decides it doesn’t want to operate anymore. This is very important to me because I had another laptop two years ago where the motherboard fried. All information was lost! Photos, college papers I had written, my resumé, my artwork, and many other important documents that I had saved over time. All GONE! Irretrievable.

Lately, I have been seeking information on my father, Billy Edward Cornett, and have discovered that he has become a brick wall of sorts. Not knowing him as a daughter should, my parents divorced when I was very young, I am finding that I don’t even know the details as to where he was born! After creating a research plan for my father, I hadn’t realized that I was lacking this particular information. Granted, I know that he was born in the state of Virginia in 1944 but that is all I know. I am lacking the information of the county, city and even the hospital in which he was born at. How do I request a birth record based only on this little bit of information I have of him? Where is his paper trail?


I have all the other documents I need, except this one little piece of paper that could tell me so much more! Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings on this lack of data on my own father, no less. I am a family historian and genealogy buff, I should be able to find this piece of evidence at least. I have written emails to family members and no one seems to have a copy of his birth certificate or even know where this document could be; they don’t know who might even have it, if anyone even does. Dead end #1. I have searched for him on the Family Search web site. Dead end #2. I have searched and nothing but census records and an SSDI reference. Dead end #3. I feel like I am overlooking something that is staring me right in the face!


My next step would be to contact the Virginia Vital Records office to see what information I can get about his birth. Since I am his next of kin I should have no problem ordering his birth certificate through them. This will have to wait until Monday morning as they are closed right now. Being on Hawaii time, I am 6 hours behind the east coast.


These are the documents I have on him to date:


  1. Death Record
  2. Obituary
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. Marriage Certificate Receipt (Ha! My parents only paid $5 back in 1971)

So today, I ask myself, “Who’s My Daddy?”




James C. Cornett (6th Great Grandfather) who was born 1760 and died in 1824; he was a Revolutionary War soldier. The photo was taken recently at a ceremony which took place to commemorate both his life and his death.

The above photo was sent to me from a relative and fellow researcher, who was actually researching the same surnames that I was. When I first contacted her, I didn’t even know she was related to me! Pure awesomeness! My genealogy research has connected me with more family and for that I will be forever grateful. 🙂


My grandfather is being very elusive. I am having a hard time finding information on him. So far, I have some paperwork compiled by a family member of our family tree, some old black and white scanned photos, names, dates, and family members both past and present. Some are familiar to me and some are not. But that is the love of Genealogy research! Discovering family and learning, reading, and visualizing the lives they have led in the past.

But I will tell you what I do know of him so far. Walter Allen Cornett Sr. was born on December 29, 1909 and died nearly five years before I was born, he died on June 30, 1967. He married my grandmother, Lucia Rose Cornett on July 15, 1928. From what my mother tells me, they had 9 children together including a Dorothy Mae who was born on April 11,1930 and died May 10, 1930. She was only a month old when she passed away. I’m not sure what the cause of her death was. He was in the military, but I’m not sure which branch, what his rank was, military responsibilities, or even how long he was in the service.

According to the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), he was 57 years old and 5 months! Pretty exact I would say. I am still trying to find information on him, sent out emails, Facebook messages to family, and once I get more information I will be sure to post an update!

On, I found the 1930 Census information on Walter’s household during that time. The information found is below.

Name:Walter A Cornett
Census Event Date:1930
Event Place: Black Lick,Wythe,Virginia
Marital Status:Married
Estimated Birth Year:1909
Immigration Year: N/A
Relationship to Head of Household: Head (SELF)
Father’s Birthplace:Virginia
Mother’s Birthplace:Virginia
Enumeration District Number: 0004
Family Number:469
Sheet Number and Letter: 4B
Line Number: 59
Nara Publication:T626
Roll 2465
Film Number:2342199
Digital Folder Number:4547863
Image Number:00576

Walter A Cornett, Married at age 21 to Spouse Lucy R Cornett age 15.

Please Note: In the 1930 Federal Census- my grandmothers name is stated as Lucy R Cornett but in actuality her name is Lucia Rose Cornett. I guess that is the problem with Census takers, a lot of misspellings in the names and such, which makes it harder to discern your research at times.

Source Citation
“United States Census, 1930,” index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 16 May 2012), Walter A Cornett, Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia.

Below are some of the photos I have of them. Since I am in the process of moving, I will have to wait until I unpack and get settled to see if I have any other photos I can add to this blog about Walter! Please be patient….

After going through some paperwork, I found some other documents such as 2 separate honorable discharge papers, a press release and also a death certificate for Walter Allen Cornett. These were given to me from a family member. Granted, they are only scanned copies, but I’ll take what I can get! I am very much appreciative that she took the time to scan them and mail them to me.

Press Release
Andrews Field, MD

Honorable Discharge Document #1 (1945)

Honorable Discharge Document #2 (1946)
Death Certificate for Walter Allen Cornett