As I am researching my Cornett surname, I happen to come across another web site that I had to share! It’s called Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, where select volunteers offer to do look ups for people like myself, that cannot locate a particular document. In my case I was looking for a marriage record, which I couldn’t find for my grandparents. After searching and not really wanting to pay the price, at least not at the moment; I came across this little gem of a web site. The volunteers on the site have generously offered their time to do some genealogical research on my (visitor to the site) behalf. So really the only thing that must be reimbursed to the volunteer is copy and printing costs, postage, mileage, parking and the like. I didn’t think that was such a bad deal! You never know unless you try, right? 

Image Source:

So here’s the link if you would like to try the services being offered.

So for now, I have sent in my request and hopefully I will receive the results that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Wish me luck! What would you do as a random act of kindness for another person? Comments are most welcome.


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