About Me

Aloha and Welcome (E Komo Mai) to My Blog..My Life..My Ancestry! The author of this blog currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and is a mother of two wonderful boys, who are her world. The world is a big place and in it, her heart forever remains with her children. She enjoys genealogy and history in general, but the hunt for her ancestors is what she really loves to do. She is currently researching her personal ancestry and hopes this blog embodies the passion she has to discover her ancestral roots.

She loves to write and hopes to one day have an article published, but if not, that’s okay too! She enjoys what she does and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? Making the most of  the opportunities that come her way in a time where dreams do not always come true, is where she yearns to be. Life is short, so run with it and be happy:) She has a huge love for all dogs and her most favorite dog she has ever owned was a Yorkshire Terrier who was given the name, Kekoa; She doesn’t tolerate animal abuse in any form and is proactive about this topic.

Her love of photography shows in the photos she takes. She can be found taking pictures of all different types of things from city life to the beaches of Hawaii and even some people watching as she goes traipsing all over town. How is that for culture? She loves going to the different events in the Honolulu and Waikiki area and love meeting new people; plenty of photo opportunities! There are so many different cultures to explore and learn from. The spirit of Aloha is very welcoming, to the point that you feel like part of an ever growing family. Her camera is always with her in the form of an iPhone. (“I was lost without it when it decided to make a nose dive in my coffee cup”) By the end of the day she had a new one 🙂 She has the iPhone 4 and while it takes great pictures, she eventually wants to buy a camera with a zoom lens so she can get close up and personal with the beauty that Hawaii offers on a daily basis. Places to go and things to see, so many things to write about!  She hopes you enjoy reading her blog on her life here in Hawaii and her ongoing escapades in the genealogy arena.

Mahalo for visiting!

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