Family Memories

This page is where I will be posting my own personal memories as they come to me. When I was probably about six years of age, my parents loved each other, but just couldn’t live together. They were divorced soon after. Even though I don’t have a ton of memories of my own to share, I do have some. A photograph usually brings me back to that time and place and I’ll remember something else that I thought I had forgotten. Also, I would like to share the memories from family members here as well. I will eventually have occasional photos that may spark my memory into gear, on this page. This page will always be a work in progress!

06.24.2012 ~ The first memory I would like to share with you is one of my favorites, and makes me smile to this day. I remember when I was younger, I would go to grandma Lucia’s house. One day I saw a navy blue colored purse that I had always wanted to play with; I think grandma Lucia kept it on top of her refrigerator but I can’t remember exactly. But I presume that wanting to play with this little blue purse was my way of acting more grown up, like my mom. I can still remember what the purse looks like to this day, and still wish I had it in my possession. The purse looked homemade like someone had sewn all of it by their own hands. It had a rounded, rectangular shape with a really long strap for a six year old to carry around. The purse was a deep, navy blue color made out of corduroy fabric; it had one zipper on the top to put my treasures inside, a small pocket on the outside with red and yellow embroidered flowers and a green stem. How I remember this purse so clearly, I have no idea. I guess the memory just stuck with me, even after thirty plus years! It’s one of those things I guess. But at any rate, I would go to my grandma Lucia’s house and ask to play with her purse, she allowed me to play with it inside in her kitchen but never allowed me to take it home so I could make it truly mine. One day when visiting her, I was playing with the purse and she told me I could have it for keeps. I think my face lit up like a lighthouse beacon! One of my happiest memories of my grandma, God bless her. ❤

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