Genealogy Treasure Chest ~ Partition Findings

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Family, research
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In a previous post, I talked about my ongoing search for a “Partition” that would prove the parental lineage of David “Blue” Cornett. The Partition results were recently found thanks to a fellow researcher working with me and several other Cornett cousins to find this document. It took a multitude of emails, getting into contact with the right people and speaking with others that could look up this document and the results based on the data we had already.

I am currently in the process of transcribing the document, as it was handwritten in a flowing script where some of the words are hard to decipher, not because it was sloppily written because it was actually a beautiful text, and dated October 25, 1866. I was so excited to get this, that I wanted to share the findings! I should probably get on the ball and start transcribing it so I can post that, if needed.

As I read both sets of documents, I noticed that it states the residence of David Curnutt as being non- residents of the state of Illinois; but also states that he was a resident of Illinois as was John and Sarah Shuler, in the final judgement papers. (shown below the actual Partition document) This must either be an error or David didn’t live there for very long as David Cornutt was on the U.S. Federal Census records for both 1860 and 1870.

In regards to John H. Cornutt, he must have been a very wealthy man to be able to afford to pay $5950.00 for this land tract back in the mid 1860’s; today the value of said land would most likely be worth several hundred thousand dollars! John Cornutt financed part of the payment but who in those days had $1950 to put forth as a down payment. That was a  lot of money back in those days. It’s still a lot of money today and hard to come by at times. So can you just imagine how hard it would have been to save that kind of money? Maybe he sold cattle? Or maybe he was just a prosperous citizen. We may never know all the little details.. but at least we have these documents to tell even part of the history behind the Partition and what the Judge’s final decision was.

Let me know what you think!

(Partition Page 1)

(Partition Page 2)

Below is the document which shows the judge’s final decision on the land that is to be divided among the family members mentioned in the document and distributed accordingly.









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  2. kellyvial says:

    Mahalo Susie!
    I was very happy to do it- it’s a great find and I can’t believe we have it now! I am so very thankful for all the help of other researchers as well, without them I wouldn’t have these posted 🙂


  3. Pamela "Susie" Cornette Walters says:

    Thank you, Kelly. This is so awesome!


    Pamela “Susie” Cornette Walters

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