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Save A Pet

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Family

Adopt Me!
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What Gives Us The Right To Euthanize An Animal?

Who are we to put good, healthy animals down when they could be adopted out to a loving family? This topic really bothers me so I decided to vent a little through this hub. I love animals, cats and dogs alike. I love dogs more than I do cats, but that’s just my own personal opinion and another story altogether. Before I get started, I just want to tell you to get your pets spayed or neutered, especially if you don’t ever plan on breeding them. It is very saddening to see images of dogs about to be euthanized within a matter of hours or even days and knowing it is out of my control to help them. If I could, I would adopt them all!

The Humane Society puts down thousands of dogs every year and why? Because they no longer have the space for them. It saddens me to no end, to know that a dog’s days are numbered. They didn’t ask to be born into a heartless world, to be abused by their owners and abandoned or just given away like an old article of clothing that the owner no longer wants. If you want a pet for a few months, forget it! Your pet, once you buy them, either from a pet store, a professional breeder or the Humane Society is yours for their entire life span. It’s almost like a child in a sense. Would you give away your child or the best friend you could ever hope to have in this entire world? I would hope not. Loyalty is hard to come by, and your pet is your best friend. He doesn’t judge you, laugh at you when you do something stupid, and he doesn’t ask for much in return besides your love. That’s all he wants. Play a little ball, take a run in the doggie park, play frisbee or whatever. All he ever wants is the attention and love of his owner and that would be you.

So what gives us the right to euthanize an animal and play God with his or her life? Animals have rights too. If you have ever seen the ASPCA commercials on television, you will see animals that have lived in deplorable conditions. They are dirty, have matted hair, suffering from heart worms, eye infections and are poorly treated. This commercial makes me cry every time. It is so heart breaking to see animals that have survived this abuse and have been malnourished but still wag their tail when they see you. A human being’s selfish act makes a dog or cat suffer needlessly. Who are we to put a pet down? Honestly, who are we to say what animal gets to live or die on any chosen day? I don’t blame the Humane Society for putting animals down; I actually blame the irresponsible owners for not taking basic responsibility for their own pets. If the pet was spayed or neutered then we wouldn’t have the problem of overpopulation.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills and breeders who breed animals every time they come into heat aren’t any better than those who abuse their pets. Puppy mills aren’t clean and the animals are lucky to have fresh food and water on a daily basis. For example, one town over from where I live, there was a puppy mill that was all over the news. The breeders were taken to court, and denied the opportunity of getting these animals back into their possession. The breeders had over 200 dogs living together in kennels stacked on top of one another and in cages with filthy newspaper, dirty water and not so fresh food; it actually looked somewhat moldy. Really? Why don’t you go to a restaurant and get served putrid water and moldy food and see if you like it.

In conclusion, please adopt from your local shelter. Give your pet love daily and never take life for granted!


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White and Purple Flowers, taken on September 8, 2012, Hawaii
Photo Credit: Kelly Vial 2012

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be a part of my husbands family reunion here in Hawaii. It was a beautiful, but hot day with little breeze. As we entered, my husband signed us in and grabbed our name tags that stated what line we were descended from. There are about 11 different family lines that stemmed from one common ancestor. I took our trays of food to the outdoor kitchen where there were many hugs and kisses going around, and new introductions being made. I don’t think I’ve hugged and kissed that many people in one day EVER! You could definitely feel the close bond of a loving Ohana (family). We made our rounds saying aloha to the family sitting down at tables or sitting on benches underneath the palm trees. 

After speaking and saying hello to all the Ohana, I decided to take some photos of the boards on display of the Meyer genealogy tree! Huge! It was stretched out over 3 or 4 different display boards. Another 2 or 3 boards also displayed old family photos of generations past. One looked like a collage, and the others were more formal looking with  8×10 photos with the ancestors name below them. Very nice!

There was a straw hut I guess you could say, that had members of the Ohana giving out goodie bags to the keiki (children). The children’s games were all set up- putt putt golf, a pinata swinging from the tree above, and many others. Some of the older kids were tossing a football, the younger ones were chasing each other around trees, blowing bubbles, blowing their little plastic horns which sounded like a high pitched whistle. The band under the tents sounded wonderful, playing local style music and just seeing everyone so happy, dancing around, doing hula and just having some good ol’ fun was just one of the highlights of the day. 

Before enjoying the food that our Lord had blessed us with, we had Pule Ho’okuu (opening prayer).  There was an abundance of food brought to eight banquet tables, laden with all the food you could possibly envision. Anything from fried chicken and hot dogs to Pork Adobo and spinach salad with tofu (which was my favorite), potato mac salad, beef curry, pies and chantilly cake, doughnuts, mini muffins,  and brownies; you name it and it was there. 

After the potluck lunch, there was a presentation given on the history of George Kahelelani Meyer, our common ancestor. Group introductions of the descendants by lineage were then asked to go on stage in front of everyone. Everyone snapping pictures of each generation and one person to speak and say how they were descended from this one man. After all eleven different family lines had their turn on the stage, we all gathered around in the biggest circle I ever seen, holding hands with one another while everyone sang “Hawaii Aloha” which was written by Reverend Lorenzo Lyons. This concluded all ceremonies of the day, but this didn’t stop me from playing with the keiki’s, chasing one little girl around trees, blowing bubbles with a 3 year old cutey and passing a football to one of the other boys. Mind you, I don’t have a football arm! But it was all in good fun and I had the best anniversary day with my husband and his extended family, that I truly enjoyed being a part of! 

Before we left for the day, my husbands grandmother, Evelyn was acknowledged by the entire Ohana as being the oldest living descendant of George Kahelelani Meyer. She had a beautiful framed picture box type of photo frame, where on display at the top, were two crossed bats that was an emblem of sorts and had a group photo of her grandfather as a member of the local baseball team. What an honor for her! Love you grams <3! 

Hawaii Aloha Song Lyrics by Reverend Lorenzo Lyons

Wordless Wednesday~ Galax Gazette 1943

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Family

The Galax Gazette August 1943
This is the newspaper where I found my GG Grandmother, Celia Ann Poole, obituary. What a piece of history, would you check out all the headlines and stories that were printed at the time of her death? So interesting!


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I have been researching and creating this week. I just wanted to share with you, the book trailer I created for the newly released novel, titled “Forbidden Romance” which was written by Clinton W. Getzinger. This book is cleanly written and one of my favorites thus far. I hope you enjoy the book trailer!

Here is the link:

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My Dad, Standing in Front of an Old Car-
His red vest stands out doesn’t it? Does anyone know what kind of car this might be?


You can find Clinton here on Goodreads:

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English: Erythrina crista-galli (flowers). Loc...

English: Erythrina crista-galli (flowers). Location: Oahu, Ala Moana Beach Park and Magic Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed weekend! I spent my Saturday, cooking and creating in my kitchen and my Sunday was spent at Ala Moana Beach Park near Magic Island. I went to a baby shower for a dear friend and it was a smashing success! Plenty of games, good food, playing and watching the keiki’s have fun in the sun. There’s nothing better than getting together with your family and friends and welcoming another new life into this crazy world. The sun  was hot yesterday and it was really refreshing to enjoy the cool,  salty water with everyone. It was an unconventional baby shower where men were included in this awesome celebration. It was all great fun 🙂

Speaking of family, who were they really? My quest is to learn more about who my Cornett family really is. It’s more than the genealogy aspect, it’s about the history of my family and getting to know them on a more personal level even though they are long gone. Sometimes I think I should have been born in this era, back in the 1800’s. What life must have been like for them. The trials and tribulations they must have endured in order to survive. Once you start your own family history research, you find that you need to dig just a little deeper because you just haven’t found that clue yet. It may be in the next shovel of dirt you are digging with. You bend over and scoop up a handful of rich soil, while it slowly sifts through your fingers. Looking, searching, and hoping that the next clue will one day be right there in your hands.

What kind of people do you come from? Were they from another country other than the U.S.? Why did they choose Grayson County, Virginia or even Kentucky in which they decided to settle? What were their thoughts regarding the land they would be living on? Was it fertile land, great for farming and cattle? What did they hunt for food? Deer? Did they come across Native Americans? What did they eat back then? So many questions and I will probably never know all of it, but the thrill of the hunt keeps me going!

When my family settled in Grayson, Virginia and also in Kentucky, why did these particular areas appeal to them so much over other areas? I can only imagine that this land in which they decided to live and start a family on, was rough and rugged. Can you imagine having to clear land and trees in order to build your home? Today we have heavy machinery to do this for us, so you can guess how much hard work, tears and sweat they must have poured into their lives, their land and their homesteads. I guess the good thing about that, is the ability to use the lumber in which they had to clear,  using the wood as a log home or cabin.

Where did the Cornett family originate from? From some web sites I have read, it mentions that the Cornett surname was Norse or of French origin. Does anyone really know? The Cornett family married into one family with the last name of Sutherland, where some of the Sutherland’s back in the mid 1700’s originated from Scotland. But what about the Cornett’s? Where do the really come from?

There are so many things to discover in your family tree. The who, what, when, and where of your history will only add depth to your knowledge of your ancestors that came before you.

What will you discover?

Happy Ancestor Hunting!! 🙂