Funeral Card Friday ~ Death Claims Police Chief

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Family

Buster Dodson Funeral Card (Front)
September 29, 1909- May 20, 1976



Buster Dodson
Funeral Card (Inside)


Back side of Funeral Card (Family Expression of Gratitude)

This is a newspaper clipping my mother saved since 1976.

Buster Dodson was my mother’s uncle, so this makes him my great uncle. He died 9 days before my 4th birthday. He was the Police Chief for Welch, West Virginia. He was also the brother of my maternal grandfather, Claude Dodson, now deceased. As you can tell the newspaper spelled his name wrong in the title but under his actual photograph, it is spelled correctly. Throughout the article when they list the names of living relatives, they say the name is spelled as “Dotson”, which it isn’t. The last name is spelled “Dodson”. Just one letter off, but this is very important when researching your ancestral roots!

  1. Jeff Dodson says:

    this was my grandfather

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