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The Marriage Bond of David Curnutt (Cornett) and Febe Sutherland


David Cornett (Black and White) Date Unknown

David Cornett Gravestone Marker
November 3, 1805 ~ January 24, 1886

David Cornett also known as David “Blue” Cornett, born November 3, 1805 and died January 25, 1886.

The real mystery behind David is how he became known as David “Blue” Cornett. Where did this information come from? Was this his given name? If so, I haven’t found any documentation that states this as fact. Yet! The only place I think I have seen him referred to as David “Blue” are from member trees on I am looking to solve this mystery!

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The following message is from a fellow researcher seeking information on the Cornett surname.

 If anyone has a copy of a Petition, filed in the 1860’s in VA by two daughters of James and Polly Rankin Cornett against their half-brother and sister, David Blue Cornett (married Phebe Sutherland) and Sarah Cornett Shuler (think she married John Kendrick Shuler), I presume for land as their father, James, died without a Will in 1851 in Rockbridge, Greene Co., Il (but there is no record of him being buried there), please contact me at  Thank you.

If you, my readers, have any information, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, please respond to the above email address. 

Thank you for your help in this matter 🙂

We are also seeking a Mae Berting who had the following email address back in 2002 but apparently she is no longer working in the school system according to the School Superintendent.
Any help in locating her or getting in contact with her would be wonderful, as the petition spoken about in the above email message is very important. It may be the only document in existence that we know of that will prove who David “Blue” Cornett’s parents really were. We think that Mae now lives in the Asheboro or Greensboro area in North Carolina.

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Information (Photo credit: heathbrandon)

Rachel Isabel Cornett is my third great grandmother, born April 25, 1828 and died November 18, 1908 at the age of 80; she is the daughter of David “Blue” Cornett and Phebie “Feby” Sutherland. She was married to Nelson Anderson and had 12 siblings – 8 brothers and 4 sisters! It’s no wonder I get names and dates confused sometimes. Back then, they seemed to have really large families, not your average family of four today, is it? 

Sad to say, I have not found any additional information on Rachel. If anyone does, would you mind sharing what you have?