Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Books and Documents

Posted: August 23, 2012 in cornett, Treasure Chest Thursday
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Memorandum (Ashe County, NC Public Library)

Copy taken from a book titled, “The Cornett’s, Our Great Family” Introduction Page

Cornett Information From Ashe Co.,North Carolina Public Library (page 6)

Cornett Information from Ashe County, North Carolina Public Library (page 11)

Cornett Information from Ashe Co., Pub Lib, NC (pg. 12)

These documents were copied by the Ashe County, North Carolina Public Library.  I received these pages in an email from a fellow researcher who I am currently working with, among others and out of respect for her privacy, her name is not mentioned here.  Interspersed on these pages is information regarding James Cornett(Cornutt) and Sarah Basham, who were the parents of both David and James Cornett Jr.

David’s Will is among those documents mentioned and includes information about Margaret Mary (Molly) Vaughan.  The person who compiled all of this information was Leta Kay Glenn Cornett. Whether it was a document or book, I’m not entirely sure. The document/book is entitled, “THE CORNETT’S, OUR GREAT FAMILY“. I can imagine that this “book” is no longer in print as I haven’t been able to locate a copy as yet. I would love to read it in its’ entirety as I only have selected pages and they are random at best!

There is also a copy of a document from the DAR stating that James Cornett(Cornutt) was married to Molly Vaughan.  The MEMORANDUM, dated January 1967, beginning with John Cornett of Henrico County, Virginia. Information regarding David, listing his military record and that he and James both received grants in Montgomery Co., from Governor Henry Lee and James P. Preston, and also including a listing of his children.

So what have you been researching this week?

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