“Forbidden Romance” Autographed Book Giveaway

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Family
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Enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 autographed copies of Forbidden Romance.

About the Author

Clinton Getzinger spent part of his childhood in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. A keen interest in researching his mountain heritage led him to set many of his historical fiction short stories in southwest Virginia. He currently works as an educator for the Norfolk Public School system in Norfolk, Virginia and is a freelance writer. Forbidden Romance is his first novel.
Book Description
Mollie Williams, the youngest daughter of a widowed rural Appalachian Mountain woman, has a secret, forbidden and abusive love relationship that she cannot reveal to anyone no matter how high the cost. Not even to her own mother! Her oldest sister is the only one who suspects what is going on but refuses to betray her or confront her. In order to escape her troubled life in 1870s Virginia, Mollie travels to Kansas to begin a new life and cannot tell anyone why she must leave home. What kind of new struggle awaits her in the west? How will she survive without her lost love?
Contest Deadline
Enter now through September 29, 2012 to get your free, autographed copy of “Forbidden Romance” by Clinton W. Getzinger. Contest entries may be submitted through September 29, 2012 and officially ends at 11:59 EST on this day.

The winners will be chosen on October 5, 2012!


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