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Posted: August 12, 2012 in Hawaii, Hawaii Beaches
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A Haole Girl’s Life

Living in Hawaii has been such a blessing and I have met so many wonderful people along the way. The spirit of Aloha is definitely instilled in the Hawaiian locals, probably even from birth. Everyone is so nice and you are treated as if you are family or even long time friends. Being from the mainland, it was a sort of culture shock for me and took some adjusting to. My husband and I moved from the Atlanta area, where we were always used to the hustle, the shopping crowds, the congested highways driving into downtown, and yes, even some rude people that have major road rage issues. So what happened to southern hospitality? I’m not sure. It has to be there somewhere, but I am thinking that the true southerners are more humble than most.

Within my first few months of living in Hawaii, I had my husband, Nakeu, who was born here in Hawaii, drive me around and play the part of “Puka Shell Tour Guide”. He drove to so many different places so I could play tourist and take pictures of some of the beaches and other sites such as the Byodo- In Temple and the Bishop Museum, which houses ancient artifacts of Hawaii’s kings and queens, and several different exhibits which helped me learn a lot about their culture and history. The museum had a dinosaur exhibit which is great fun for kids, the Hawaiian Hall, which boasts three floors that takes visitors on a journey through different realms. The first floor is the realm of Kai Akea, which represents the Hawaiian gods, legends and beliefs. The second floor Wao Kanaka, represents the realm where people live and work and also focuses on the importance of land and nature in daily life. The third floor, was called Wao Lani, and it is the realm inhabited by the gods; this is where I learned about the ali’i, or gods, and other key moments in Hawaiian history. The museum also has a sports hall of fame that displays pictures and memorabilia of Hawaii’s accomplishments in sports history.

The beaches offer you all the serenity you could ever ask for; all you have to do is just sit there on the shoreline and watch as the ocean’s waves come in, one after another. It is so peaceful. The salty spray of the water, the balmy breezes on a warm day, watching the surfers ride the swell, is so appealing at any time of the year. Since Hawaii doesn’t have your traditional changes of the season like they do in the mainland, it makes for the perfect vacation getaway. They do have a rainy season, but it really isn’t any different than any other morning or afternoon shower. Not really! It comes and goes and then the rest of your day is absolutely beautiful. I won’t try to paint a picture of Hawaii being the absolute best place for all people, but it is perfect for me and my family, even though it can be quite expensive!

If you are a foodie like myself, then you definitely need to visit! The local cuisine cannot be beat! Cinnamon’s in Kailua has the best Guava Chiffon pancakes I have ever eaten! That says something because I really don’t like guava too much nor do I particularly care for pancakes most of the time, but I will eat them on occasion. But whatever your taste buds desire, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding it here. Another local favorite spot is L & L Barbeque, they serve a variety of plate lunch specials that will make your mouth water.

Before I end this article, I have to tell you not to forget Island Snow, also located in Kailua, it is part surf shop and shave ice counters that have every conceivable flavor! It’s not a slushy or anything even close- I had one called Mele Melona and it tasted like honeydew heaven. To my surprise there was also a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the bottom! My taste buds just screamed, “Mahalo!”


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