Wordless Wednesday ~ Family of Three

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Family

Mommy and Daddy’s Little Girl
Photo Taken in 1972 by an Unknown Family Member

This photo was taken in the year 1972~ the only photo I have where my dad is holding me. I am not sure where the photo was taken and I can’t ask my mom because she is still sleeping like a normal person! I’ve been up since 2 am! Love her cute dress, but if it was made out of that scratchy, itchy material, I would never be able to stand still for a photograph like this one! They were both dressed up on this day, so it makes me wonder what they were doing. Since my dad was always seen in his blue jeans, it’s odd to see him in a jacket and tie and no jeans! I’ll have to remember to ask her later about this photo!

  1. Alice Phillips says:

    I am new to your blog and enjoy it very much. Could the photo have been taken for a special occasion such as the baby’s christening?


  2. […] Wordless Wednesday ~ Family of Three […]

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