Those Places Thursday ~ Old Country Store

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Family
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James Granville Cornett Store
Photo Credit: Dan R Roberts (1980)

“This store sat at the corner of Comers Rock Rd. and Roberts Cove Rd. and was operated by Mr. And Mrs. Granville Cornett from 1918 to 1959. It is no longer standing.” (Dan R. Roberts)

In the above image, my great grand uncle, James Granville Cornett, who was born on March 1, 1880 and died December 17, 1959, operated the store for approximately 41 years. When he first operated the store he had to have been only 38 years of age, given the date calculations of his birth, death, and dates of operation. He was the brother of my great grandfather Stuart “Marvin” Monroe Cornett. I am not sure who may have operated the store after his death in 1959, or if it just closed down permanently. The above photo was taken about the year 1980 in Grayson County, Flat Ridge, Virginia.

What items did he sell inside this store? Was it anything like a convenience store similar to what we have today? Maybe he sold gas, because it looks like from the photo above there were some old gas pumps there at one time. Maybe even Pepsi-Cola? At least this is what it looks like from looking at the top of the building, it looks like bottle cap signs which may have been Pepsi’s brand.

I wish I had more photographs of the store when it was in it’s prime, but I’ll have to investigate this further to see if any even exist. First and foremost, I would have to find out what the name of the business was called as I don’t see any business name. It could have been on the white, washed out looking sign on the right hand, top side of the photo.

If anyone knows anything about James Granville Cornett and his store, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to know more!

  1. gjohns says:

    was the store – sold off or abandoned? would you be permitted to enter and look around?
    ?? answers if unknown – available at court house. Would love to get inside to look around.

    • kellyvial says:

      From what I understand the store is no longer standing and pretty much has become non existent. I’m looking into the history of the building but haven’t found anything so far.

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