Genealogy Olympics

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Genealogy Olympics
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London 2012 Olympics Tourch

London 2012 Olympics Tourch (Photo credit: AslanMedia)

Aren’t you super excited that the 2012 Olympics in London is well on its’ way? Did anyone watch the opening ceremony? It’s all everyone has been “tweeting” about today!

What is Genealogy Olympics? It’s just my own personal way of saying that genealogy is the best of both worlds. Family history and sports 🙂 Do you have an Olympic athlete in your family tree? How would you feel if you did? I would be ecstatic I think. To be the best at what you love to do, has to be the greatest feeling in the world! It doesn’t matter if a member of your family is famous or not, they are yours to be proud of in every conceivable way.

Do you remember the feeling you get when you crack through a brick wall in your research of past ancestors? You probably thought you never would accomplish this unreachable goal, but you did it! The feeling was amazing!

With genealogy and the study of your ancestors, you can live and learn like a true Olympic champion!

Check out the link below for a virtual exhibition of the Olympics; there are several ones in which you can chose from!

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