Wednesday’s Child ~ Olive Melvine Cornett

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Family
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Olive Melvine Cornett is today’s “Wednesday’s Child”. Olive Melvine was my 3rd great grand aunt through my 4th great grandparents, David Cornett and Phebe “Feby” Sutherland. Olive was only 2 years of age when she died. Olive was born on June 12, 1844 and died February 6, 1847. She is buried at Central Cemetery in Flat Ridge, Grayson County, Virginia.

I wish I knew the cause of her death but that’s for another post entirely! Wish me luck as I research her in more depth. Hoping to find something on her, but since she died so young, there is a probability that I won’t find anything at all. Keeping it positive!

Timeline of Events Which Took Place in Olive Melvine Cornett’s Birth Year (1844)

Charles Dickens published a short story called “The Chimes”.

In 1844, Harriet Tubman married John Tubman, who was a free African American, while she could still be sold and separated from her husband.

Our 11th President was elected, James K. Polk, in November 1844


Olive Melvine Cornett (June 12, 1844- February 6, 1847)
Buried at Central Cemetery in Flat Ridge, VA
**Photo Credit: Clinton G.


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