Tuesday’s Tip ~ Staying On Track

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Tuesday's Tip
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Gum tree & footpath to Baldwin

Gum tree & footpath to Baldwin (Photo credit: Ben.Millett)

Why do I write a genealogy blog of all topics in which I could choose from so many other topic choices? I could be writing about some of my favorite hobbies like cooking or photography, but I chose genealogy. Always interested in learning new things, why not learn more about the family I never really had the chance to know? This was a perfect choice for me! I feel that writing this blog about my family, in turn, allows me to connect with the members of my family in a way I can’t describe altogether. After all, I am researching dead people! I love every moment and breakthrough I get. I have written many different articles on different family members, and in my lifetime I will never ever finish my research. There are way too many people to do look-ups on in my family tree for me or any other family historian to ever be truly complete. There is so much history in our Cornett family and I’m only just getting started really.


Since researching, I have found many great genealogy blogs out there in the internet world. Made some great contacts along the way too. Who knew they were my cousins? I sure didn’t when I started! Being on the topic of other genealogy blogs, there are many that are abandoned and dead to the rest of us historians. They may have started out with a great purpose in mind, but they are just taking up space. Nothing is updated. The links are bad and go nowhere! What about the citation of those resources? Umm yeah…non existent! That’s not a good thing and it definitely isn’t what I have in mind for my blog. I intend to keep it going as long as I am able to do so. I consider it my baby, being my very first blog I had ever thought to keep updated, it’s almost like my own personal family journal. Writing the stories of my ancestors is my main goal. Not to make money, but to keep their memory alive through words, photographs, and documents I find.


Tuesday’s Tip: Don’t get discouraged! Stay on track with your research. When you least expect it, your research will benefit from all of your hard work and you may find the information you have been seeking. Keep looking! The documentation is just playing a little game of hide and seek, just waiting for you to discover it and bring it back to life.







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