Thrifty Thursday ~ Historypin

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Family
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Pinterest (Photo credit: KEXINO)

Historypin! What is it? It’s like a Pinterest for history and genealogy buffs! Instead of pinning pictures from various web pages, you pin channels instead. The channels hold everything you pin within that channel category. The channels you create can be customized however you like. It differs from Pinterest in a way that absolutely surpasses anything Pinterest has done so far. There is a tab at the top of the page entitled, “Maps”; I was curious to see what it did when I went to it, thinking it’s just a map of users who happen to use the site right? No way! Yes, it is a map but it’s so much more than that, it displays images and pins on that map that are clickable where you can see what someone has pinned and from what location it was pinned. Vintage photos from all over the world can be seen, you can upload video and audio content and you can even search by keyword if you are looking for anything in particular.

Historypin also has collections and tours that can be viewed or you can make your own. The collections, tours and photos are by museums, National Archives, Universities, and people from just about anywhere in the U.S. and abroad. The part I love most about this web page is the fact that Historypin is all about connecting people by the millions, who have a history that they want to share. Be it stories passed down from generation to generation, old photos of family or places, or archival objects such as antique photo albums that probably sat up in a dilapidated box, in a dusty, dirty attic with rats scurrying around up there. Yuck! It’s time to pull all your forgotten memoirs from your past ancestors, out of the attic and share their history with other genealogy buffs and professionals. We consider stuff like this to be an actual gold mine of sorts. A true treasure to behold.

What I wouldn’t give to walk into an old, abandoned house that my ancestors may have owned at one point, go up in the attic and see if anything was left behind! What would you do if you find something that they owned before you were even thought of? To imagine them holding it in their hands or using the item. It could be furniture, a cedar chest full of treasures of their day, a cameo, a family Bible, a daily journal or even an old, yellowed newspaper.

In conclusion, Historypin has a channel that gives these items in your attic a home. Not only can it be used as an educational tool, but it can be shared, learned from, seen by hundreds of thousands of people and build a more thorough understanding of the history of your ancestors or even someone else’s! What are you waiting for? Go check out these channels and pin some of your history! If you love Pinterest, you’ll love Historypin even more!

Do you have a web site or blog? Historypin has an embed tool where you can add your channels to a map on your site! Cool yeah?


I almost forgot! There’s a mobile app too! Historypin works on your Android, iPhone, and Windows phone 7 🙂

  1. Too awesome. Now I have another way to procrastinate!

  2. […] On My Blog..My Life. My Ancestry, kellyvial wrote a great piece on a website I had heard of but not really explored:  historypin.  See Thrifty Thursday ~ Historypin […]

  3. Nancy says:

    Great site! Thanks for pointing out its features. The first collection is the 1906 Earthquake in San Francisco. One of gg grandaunts living in Watsonville died that day; the headline said “DIED OF FRIGHT: Earthquake This Morning Ended the Earthly Career of Mrs. E. N. Copeland” Seeing the destruction in San Francisco, I can imagine that!

    Thanks again for sharing this great (free) site! It could take a very long time to explore,.

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