Happy Independence Day, America!!

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Family
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Photographer Douglas Peebles , Writer Jacquelyne Froeber

It’s a perfect, sun-shiny day here in Honolulu, a time for family BBQ’s, eating hot dogs and hamburgers, drinking a refreshing  ice cold lemonade with slices of lemon floating in my glass; I love just sitting on a blanket in the green grass with family and enjoying the beautiful display of fireworks that will take place tonight. I can’t wait to adjust my camera settings to catch the light show that is destined to be beautiful as ever!

It’s a beautiful day here in Hawaii already, granted it’s only 7 am but it will be a promising day. I’m looking forward to the street parades, watching the children carrying their own little American flags, faces painted, all dressed up in red, white, and blue and just seeing the pure joy on their cute little cherub faces. Priceless! Its not only the children that are fun to watch; the adults ooh and aah over the beautiful fireworks and the goings on of the days celebrations just like the keiki do. They are just big children really, myself included 🙂

As we BBQ here in the islands, we need to remember the reason why we celebrate. Our veterans. The soldiers who gave their lives so we may be free.  Meanwhile, back on the east coast, there are devastatingly hot temperatures, thousands of families still without power even after an entire week; they have to cook out because that is the only source available to them. Many members of my family live on the east coast and I just want to wish them the best Independence Day ever.


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