English: An example of a Genealogy fan chart (...

English: An example of a Genealogy fan chart (or family tree fan chart) where paternal and maternal ancestors are shown as concentric rings of a fan. This family tree fan chart also includes family coats of arms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the economic crunch that so many of us are feeling these days, myself included, we have to find a way to do research on our past generations in a much more frugal fashion. Unemployed? Still trying to find a job after so many interviews and very little call backs? I feel your pain. I have been in the market for not just a job but a career for several months now. No matter where you go, it’s been hard for everyone. I happen to live in Honolulu, and it’s just as hard here as any other metropolitan area in the mainland. I want to do something I’ll love in years to come; this is part of the reason I started writing again. I love it! Do I get paid to do it? Not so far, but it’s something I like to do. Being a genealogy researcher and unemployed at the same time can be a little time consuming, if not hair raising. Since looking for work and doing research takes up my hours and days, and sometimes those unfruitful days turn into very long weeks, I have been seeking out low cost or FREE genealogy resources to help me along the way.

Free resources are the best sometimes because it allows you to continue your search of your unknown ancestors. There are hundreds, if not thousands of genealogy blogs online. Start reading them! They are very informational and we all appreciate the feedback on the articles or topics we have written. Contact them or start a conversation in regards to the article presented; it doesn’t have to be scholarly. This is how you learn. People make mistakes or just may not be educated in this particular topic, but this will eventually help you. How? Well for starters, you will introduce yourself to the researcher where you can ask questions you may have, or just get a feel of what a genealogist does on any particular day. Learn from them, it’s easy and doesn’t cost you a dime to do so. It just takes up a few precious moments of your time to shoot someone an email and ask a few questions that you may have been wondering about. Go ahead and give it a try! You will be glad you did.


https://familysearch.org/ ~ This web page has many free documents such as indexed records of the 1940 census, they also have other years available to aid in your search, birth, death, marriage records, probate records, military records and many more. You can search for free! There are learning centers on the site along with videos to watch and free genealogy courses that you can take online to help you discover your family tree. Discussion forums are a nice way to get involved also.

http://usgenweb.org/ ~ This web page is searchable by states, time is donated by dedicated volunteers to aid in keeping genealogy web sites free for us. For example, some of my family is from the beautiful state of Virginia. I click on the link for Virginia and I have a page of other links to go to that will further my research and increase my desire to find out more. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have.

http://www.olivetreegenealogy.com/index.shtml ~ This web page has over 1900 pages of free genealogy records to help you and your search for your ancestral roots. Just to name a few different features of the site, there are too many to list otherwise. The Olive Tree Genealogy site has ship passenger lists, a gazillion other resource links, orphan records, photo albums, and even tutorial and help files along with blog articles. How could you not go to this site? It’s absolutely rewarding! I love it 🙂

http://www.geneabloggers.com/ ~ I utilize this site almost every day. It keeps me in touch with genealogists and their own blogs, which I have learned a great deal about. Not only is there a listing of blogs, but the site displays ones I never knew existed. I read the articles, the tips and tricks, and I try to stay up to date in the news of genealogy on a day to day basis. This site even lists events such as upcoming conferences and the like. Read up on what they have in their blog resources, and if you are thinking about writing a blog on your family history, you can submit your blog to this site. This, in turn, publicizes your site and helps you gain readers who may have never known of your site, or you, of theirs. It’s definitely worth checking out!

http://blog.dearmyrtle.com/ ~ Another resource I like to use is actually a blog by Pat Richley- Erickson called Dear Myrtle. On this site there is just loads of information to help you achieve the results you are looking for. So many articles, a calendar for webinars, you name it she has written about it. It’s a wonderful resource that you really shouldn’t miss!


I have only shared five links but there are thousands of others related to this topic. New blogs are popping up every day and why not even utilize the social networks? I utilize these every chance I get! There are Facebook pages on genealogy, some personal and some not, such as mine called Fans of Genealogy where you can access here : http://www.facebook.com/MyBlogMyLifeMyAncestry

Try Twitter! Connect with other users interested in the same topics- connect with them, talk to them. You never know what friendships you will make here unless you just get yourself out there and DO IT! You can follow my tweets on my twitter page at: https://twitter.com/KellyVial1 follow the people or pages that I do or you can just search for new ones on your own.

One option for doing a genealogy search is utilizing the search engines! Google Chrome is great and has many other features and apps that you can use. Try this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/home?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon

Another search engine I would like to mention, but do not use regularly is Mocavo; this search engine is new and dedicated to genealogy but it hasn’t reached it’s full potential just yet. Yes they are off to a great start and you are welcome to try it, I think you have to sign up though. http://www.mocavo.com/

I hope you find these links useful and wish you all the luck in finding the roots to your family tree 🙂

Have you found any interesting resources? Care to share? Reply below, I look forward to checking them out!

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