Creating A Genealogy Blog

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Family
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WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

Are you serious about recording your family history, promoting your blog and giving a gift of research to future generations? If you are serious, why are you creating it? Is it more a personal feat to record the history of your family, to know them as they were back in the day? Maybe it’s a creative outlet for your writing skills. I created my genealogy blog initially to keep track of all the research that I have done thus far. Now, writing my blog has become more of a personal endeavor. It’s no longer just names and dates of my family and past ancestry from maybe three or four hundred years ago, it’s more about learning about their history and the lifestyles they have led over the years. There are so many different reasons I choose to continue writing, but the main one is creating something that I hope one day will tell my children where they come from, in a genealogical sense.

Since I love to write, I always seem to be finding myself writing articles and completing more research to accommodate this passion I have for both writing, genealogy, and just the love of the hunt! There are a couple web sites that offer a blogging service, but since having Blogger over the past year, I now like to use WordPress. I seem to have more viewers and more feedback on the articles I have posted. Before you make a decision on which service you would choose, try watching some videos on YouTube, read some reviews and comparisons on the blog of your choice. Do you already have a blog? Tell me which one you use and why you like it. Feedback most welcome!


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