Yesterday, I received my genealogy package in the mail from my Aunt Evelyn! I was so excited to open it, that it was like opening a birthday gift except there wasn’t any frilly bows or paper to unwrap. In this package came two thick stacks of family history, stapled together, one for Lucia Cornett, (my grandmother’s side of the family) and another packet of information for Walter Cornett’s side of the family, (my grandfather). 

One packet was labeled, “The Family of Stuart Marvin Cornett and Gincy Malinda Long Cornett” which contains names, birth and death dates, marriages and the children’s information, etc and there was even a few photos included in each of the documents, a couple of newspaper articles, one which was a 50th wedding anniversary article, another article titled, “Three Couples From Cornett Family Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversaries” (Gazette, Galax, VA, Monday, December 9, 1991) How exciting to have three different couples, all in the Cornett family to celebrate such a momentous occasion at one time! The other packet was labeled as “The Descendants of David and Feby (Phoebe) Sutherland Cornett.

The package also included a death certificate for Walter and a birth certificate for Lucia, two different Honorable Discharge papers for Walter’s WW II military service, a press release regarding his service in the Army Air Forces and a story titled, “Roberts Cove” which was written by Pat Miles Burris and Anna J. Woods and included a photocopy of the George Parks homestead which is posted below.

George Parks Homestead
(Notice that there are three front doors)

In the above photo, the back side reads: George Parks and Vinnie Testerment- 
Izora’s Mom & Dad- (Walter’s grandparents on mother’s side)
Date Unknown

The Homestead Photo has writing also- “Old George Parks Homestead”
Date Unknown

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