Good afternoon! I have been trying to figure out a way to get both of my sons, ages 20 and 14 to have an interest in their family tree. I have had some success with my oldest son John, but Dakota, well that’s another story entirely. All he is interested in, is playing basketball! So how can I get him involved and actually start liking “the hunt”? I have a few ideas that I have been thinking about but have come to realize that he may never really be interested in genealogy or where he comes from, for quite awhile. But in the meantime, I like to share what I have found out so far with both John and Dakota. John likes hearing it to a certain extent, he wants to know about all the drama in our family! Personally, I think he watches too much television! I haven’t found any mobsters or convicted criminals yet. My family is not based on a mobster movie like the “Godfather”, either! 

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As much as they would like it to be, I can’t say that the research I have come across, resembles anything even close to that. Dakota, on the other hand, thinks I’m weird for focusing my time on research and not doing fun stuff! He told me the other day, “Mom, you live in Hawaii! You need to do fun stuff like going surfing!” Haha, me on a surfboard? Now that would truly be a sight! Don’t get me wrong, I love the ocean and watching the surfers do their thing. But I don’t want to be one!! I like to go snorkeling. Now that’s something I could do without getting cut up by the reef. Besides I kind of fear sharks A LOT! Give me a boat and I’ll go out in the middle of the ocean, but you aren’t going to find me on a surfboard, catching the next swell anytime soon. 

Are your children interested in Genealogy? Does anyone have any ideas for activities that will help get children involved more? If you do, please share! I imagine if I had started this when they were younger, there would be plenty of things that I could do with them. But they’re a little older now, so it may not be such an easy task. Everyone has their own idea of fun, their likes and dislikes and what I may like and think as fun, someone else may not. 

  1. kelly.vial says:

    Hahaha! Yes I believe that my kids make me feel very old because I enjoy research and history, specially when it comes to seeking out the facts on my own Ohana. I hope to find a creative way that I can involve them, if that is even possible to do at such an impressionable age! Worth a try right? Thanks for sharing, I love that comment about your granddaughter!

  2. Kelly, when you find out, please let us all know! ~laughs~ I have been trying to get my 13 year old granddaughter interest, her reply "Grandma, I will that when I am old, like you".

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