My Experience With the Family History Quick Start Mini-Course (Series) DAY 2

Posted: June 20, 2011 in challenge, documents, Family History Quick Start, hierarchy, photos, scans

The Family History Quick Start course that I started on Saturday continues. So basically, the course is just a newsletter that tells you how to do certain things, or at least it has been so far. Today, I have pretty much been asked to create a hierarchy of folders (which I already know) how to create the file names and so on. But anyone can create a folder on their computer right? Well, that’s not exactly what I am trying to get at here. It’s the way you create your structure and what you name it that counts in today’s lesson. It’s all about organizing your ancestry files for easier accessibility. 

So if I follow this assignment correctly, I’ll have a folder with my name (Kelly) and I’ll put any documents that pertain to me in that folder, but I can also create a sub-folder with some photos if I like. My next folder will have two additional folders- one for my father and another for my mother, last name first and so on. (Example: Smith_John_1737)  Inside their respective folders they will have two folders for their parents. I’m pretty sure you understand where I am going with this, or at least I hope you do. But going back further into your ancestry’s lineage, you will most likely have names that are alike, so you will probably want to include the year they were born to keep everything separate from the other person with the same name. Every folder created so far will have all documents that pertain to that person inside. For example, marriage certificates, death certificates, census reports, war draft cards, photos or whatever you you may come across in your research that pertains to that individual.
Pretty easy, huh? I’m really waiting to gain knowledge here, something I don’t already know how to do. Hopefully tomorrows lesson will be more challenging!

Naming your files depends upon your own research and what you need to name them in which to remember what file goes with a particular document. As we research our genealogy, we end up with a large amount of different files, documents, scans, and photos and we want to include these to further document any findings we have; so naming your saved documents and putting them in the right folder will only help you later!

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