Billy Edward Cornett– Happy Father’s Day!

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Billy Edward Cornett was my father who was born March 15, 1944 and died April 28, 2001. Billy had epilepsy and had to take medication so he wouldn’t have seizures. My parents divorced by the time I was 7 years old, and from what my mother, Carolyn has told me of him, he had worked for the state of Maryland for over 10 years. He worked on paving and repairing the roads and helped to winterize them so that everyone may travel safely during the cold, wintry season that Maryland is known to have.

He liked to go bowling and that is where he met my mother. She had joined a bowling league at that time and he was in the same bowling league as her. They started talking one night and he asked her to drive him and his close friend, Robert home. After that, they started dating every weekend. As far as I know, he couldn’t drive because the driver’s license office refused him, due to his epileptic seizures, so my mother drove him where he needed to go.

My sister Amy Cornett-Butler told me that, at his funeral a little girl probably about the age of 6 or 7 gave him back the stuffed frog he had given her,the little girl said she wanted him to have it. In a recent conversation, I mentioned how I wondered if he ever missed us. Apparently, he talked about my sister and I all the time and had photos of us and our children on his dresser. I never knew any of that. He died 10 years ago, but sometimes I just wish things could have turned out differently for us as a family. One day, I hope to honor him as he has honored me.

I remember a gift he had given me one year, I was probably about 8 years old. It was a Snoopy watch, weird how I remember exactly what it looks like to this day. I wish I still had it, but that was a long time ago.

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Dad’s Favorite Team 🙂

A funny story that my mom told me—one night Robert, my dad, and my mom went to a McDonalds and ordered milkshakes, back then the shakes were thick, not like what they are today- half melted by the time you get them. Robert was apparently having a hard time with his thick shake and his straw. Mom had asked him, “Are you getting any?” She said she didn’t get to finish her sentence because they both burst out laughing and were in tears.  I thought that was funny, a little dry humor, if you will.

A few memories from family and friends:
” I miss uncle Bill (FROG) too. Ice Tea and listening to the baseball games on the radio,sitting on the front porch at Gramaws house. That’s where you could find him every summer.” — Cindy H.

“He was such a good man. He was always my favorite uncle! I have such great memories of him. U were very lucky to have a father who loved u and Amy so much.” — Karrieann C.

“Your dad and my dad were the best of friends, and I remember that he would always buy candy bars from me when I sold them for my youth bowling leagues!” — Donna S.

He enjoyed America’s favorite pastime, baseball games. He loved the Baltimore Orioles. I remember him buying me a baseball jersey and I didn’t like it because it was scratchy on my skin, so I hardly wore it. Now, I wish I still had it. Those were the two sports he enjoyed the most, bowling and baseball.
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. Rest in Peace.

We love you dad!
Your loving daughters,
Kelly and Amy


** The photo included in this article is my own.


  1. kelly.vial says:

    Thank you Sandra! I am glad you enjoyed the article 🙂

  2. Sandra Tyler says:

    What a great idea for a blog . And one you can share with your family !

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