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Virginia Historical Society IMG_2719 (Photo credit: OZinOH)

Today, I am researching different sources that have to do with the history of the state of Virginia; that is where  the majority of my family originated from, initially. There is a Virginia Genealogical Society which will aid in any search that may have to do with the states history and articles in which to read. I have yet to navigate through the entire site; I figure it would be a great starting point to further any current research I am doing. Membership prices can be found on this website for those who may be interested in joining. You can access publications also with your membership. But since navigating through some of the page tabs, I’m not very impressed by what the site has to offer, in terms of research. I think I can get better information through the Virginia Historical Society, but to each his own. 

Membership Prices- VGS

The Virginia Historical Society has an impressive amount of links throughout each page, that will lead the average genealogist, like myself to some of the great wonders of Virginia history. The historical society of Virginia has some really great exhibitions both on site and off. What really intrigues me about this, is the fact that I can view one of these types of exhibitions online! It’s definitely too far to travel, at least for me. Some of the exhibitions that are offered are definitely of interest to me, some of which include these topics: Jamestown, Colonial Times, the Civil Rights Movement, and several others. 

Online Exhibits

This site includes many research articles which include books, Confederate imprints, photographs, newspapers, family and personal papers, genealogical materials, and maps. But that’s just the start. Take a look around and see what you find; you may be surprised! On the event page, if you are familiar with the site and have been here but may have missed a lecture that you were hoping to be part of- don’t worry, you can hear the lectures online too. This site is really a gem! I love the fact that you can view things like this online, it’s a great feature for those who cannot be there in person. If you just love history, this is the site for you. If you are researching family ties, I would definitely at least have a look around. There are membership fees for individuals and families alike, but I think it would be worth the money you put in, for all the features that the historical society offers you. Be sure to check out the virtual tour on the home page!

Virginia Historical Society

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